Merit Fondong - Co-Founder

My name is Merit Fondong. I originate from Central Africa, Cameroon. I started my career as a chef for six years and went to college where I received my first bachelor's in Botany. I attended the accelerated program in nursing at UND, where I received my bachelor's in nursing, a master's in nursing as an FNP in 2015 and later a post master's in pyschiatry in 2021. I have taught undergraduate psych clinical at UND for three years, and FNP clinical for 5 years. I have been a Nurse Practitioner for almost 7 years and have worked in the ER, urgent care, nursing home/assisted living, treatment centers, disability physicals, and Primary Care. I have had the pleasure of seeing a wide variety of patients. I am a member of AANP, ANA, NDNPA, MNAPRN Coalition, APNA and ACANPUS. I am also MAT and Medical marijuana certified.

I have been married for many years and have five kids, four boys and one girl. My spiritual and family life is gold to me. I love cooking, working hard and efficiently and making a difference in somebody's life and my community

Phone: +1 701-757-0537    Address: 610 South 18th Street, Grand Forks, ND. 58201