About Us

Mission Statement
Set a pathway to coordinate services for individuals and families within the State of North Dakota.

Vision Statement
Arise Above Foundation connects people across the ages to community resources and advocates for equal access to opportunities and resources. Additionally, the organization provides training and resources to minority groups to help them engage and thrive in a postmodern realities.

Three Pillars of Operations
Arise Above Foundation believes in connecting, collaborating, and celebrating with clients in their journeys through recovery.

1. Arise Above Foundation's First pillar of working with clients is to CONNECT.

>> Connecting with the client, you feel special because we do not operate on one side-fits-all approach
>> We are not just available; we respond to client concerns
>> Go above and beyond- We work with you until you achieve your goals.
>> Follow-up – in the case where the organization cannot provide the needed services to the client, we still do a follow-up on the client to know they are at

2. Arise Above Foundation's Second pillar of working with clients is to COLLABORATE. A collaborative (or cooperative) learning approach involves the organization(staff) working with the clients on activities to ensure their needs are supported.

>> Set clear outcomes with the client
>> Equip and empower the client
>> Refer the clients to community resources.
>> Through collaboration, we harness the client's set of skills to achieve better outcomes and impact
>> Foster a sense of belonging

3. Arise Above Foundation's Third pillar of working with clients is to CELEBRATE. When the client succeeds it is a win-win for the organization.

>> We celebrate the client milestone
>> Encourage the client to maintain their success
>> Help the client set new goals

Phone: +1 701-410-6482       [email protected]    Address: 1807 Demers Avenue, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201